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Nitrate-Free Bacon
  • This is made from our own Maranatha Farms' pork belly: skinned, cured, smoked and sliced thick. Our curing blend is simple: kosher salt, fresh-cracked pepper, brown sugar, and maple syrup. We don't use pink salt, sodium nitrate, celery powder, or liquid smoke. Once the 5-day dry-curing process is completed we smoke the belly over our very own apple wood (no sprays on these apple trees). We control 100% of the process so you can be sure you're eating clean, healthy bacon. 

    WARNING: Some have complained the incredible taste of our bacon has led them to eat an entire 1 lb package in one sitting. You will never look at store-bought bacon the same way again. Sorry!

    Nitrate-Free Bacon

    1 Pound
    Cured to Order while Supplies Last. Approximate lead time 2 weeks.
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