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I am often asked "have you always wanted to live on a farm?" The truth is, neither Virginia nor I grew up on a farm, with animals, or with much experience beyond a small hobby garden in the backyard. Our grandparents, however, told stories of sustenance-farming, milking cows, running rabbit traps for extra income, ice block deliveries, and wringing chicken necks. Despite my inexperience, listening to stories about that lifestyle intrigued me and seemed to beckon like the siren's call. Now, as I tell my aging granddad (far left) of our little farm you can almost see in his eyes the sweet memory of a far-off place and a simpler time back on his family's Texas farm. 



In 2019, with an awareness of our growing children's fast-fleeting childhood, we sold our house in Midtown Memphis, purchased 16 acres outside the city and took the plunge. That next year, a series of health scares cemented our awareness that Food is Medicine and we can best help our bodies heal themselves with clean, nutritious foods, free of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, vaccines, and other harmful practices widely accepted in the industrialized food system. Through books, podcasts, and YouTube videos men like Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes, Greg Judy, and Stefan Sobkowiak have fueled our curiosity, learning, and thirst for this adventure. 



We believe Food is Medicine so we seek to help our bodies heal themselves with clean, pastured, nutrient-dense foods and enable others to do the same. 

This is an evolving adventure we are taking without knowing exactly where it leads, but as we press forward we know this guiding principle will not change. We invite you to unite with us as we join this nation-wide movement of men, women, boys, and girls taking back control of their food, health, and life one family dinner at a time.

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