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  • Do you medicate your animals?
    No animal born on our farm receives vaccines or synthetic medications. We have purposefully selected two heritage livestock breeds (Irish Dexter Cows and Red Wattle Hogs) due to their mild temperaments and their ability to thrive on pasture with minimal outside input. As we grow our beef herd or to meet demand some beef animals may be sourced from outside farms that give first round vaccines. Upon arrival no further medications are given.
  • How do you feed your animals?
    We believe you are more than what you eat; you are what you eat eats. For this reason we keep all our animals under the sunshine on clean, unsprayed pasture with no synthetic additives. Our pigs eat grass, roots, worms, bugs, select table scraps from our kitchen, and a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO pig feed. Our cattle are rotated across a diverse landscape with a variety of grasses and woody browse. We do not finish our beef on any type of grain and only use selective treats for training them to trust and follow us when called. Our animals are watered with fresh, clean well water - no animals pooping and drinking from the pond.
  • Where do you get your animals?
    Our hogs are bred, born, and raised right here on the farm. While some of our beef cattle are brought in from outside farms others are bred, born, and raised here at Maranatha Farms.
  • Does the breed make a difference for the meat?
    We firmly believe the breed matters all the way to your plate. Heritage breeds retain their old-world ability to thrive on mediocre quality pasture while producing an unbeatable, healthy meat. Studies and taste tests alike have proven heritage breeds are healthier and have deeper flavor profiles than their commercialized, grain-fattened counterparts. We have chosen our breeds for their temperament, pasture-ability, weather-hardiness, size, and meat quality. Both Red Wattle Hogs and Irish Dexter Cattle are renown by chefs and critics alike.
  • Do you sell whole or half animals?
    At this time we are offering by-the-cut pork and beef as well as discounted pork, beef, and combination boxes. We will offer limited half or whole animals from time to time. Please inquire if this is something you're interested.
  • Where are your meats processed?
    We take our cows and hogs to Fayette Packing Company just down the road from the farm. It's a short 15-minute drive to this small family butcher; this results in less stress for our animals and a better product for you! They are the only USDA inspected facility in our area so we are happy to support a high-quality, local business that's been around since the early 1950s.
  • Where can we pick up our order?
    We ask that you arrange Saturday pickup of your order in advance. Germantown pickup available upon request at Memphis Water Gardens (6993 Poplar Avenue).
  • How long will meat last in the freezer?
    All our meats are professionally vacuum sealed and should last one to two years in a deep freezer.
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