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Clean Eating and Healthy Living...

We are passionate about providing our family with the cleanest and freshest foods possible. We also love helping others put quality meats on their family dinner table. Below you'll find a description of our primary offerings. Some items may be seasonal or of limited availability. Please ask if you have any questions.

Irish Dexter Cattle

Grass-Fed Beef

Our Irish Dexter Cows are perfectly suited to provide delicious beef when finished on grass - no grain.

Rendered Lard

Cooking Lards

The perfect cooking and baking lards from our pork and beef to replace those nasty seed oils!

Red Wattle Hog

Pastured Pork

Red Wattle hogs rotated through woods eating acorns and weeds make an incredible pork!

Raw Milk

Raw Milk

This is a touchy subject but we believe in raw milk! Limited herd shares available upon request.

Cornish Cross Chicken

Pastured Chicken​

Cornish Cross birds moved to fresh grass daily and raised on organic feed make the perfect chicken!

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